Don't miss this opportunity!

For all those planning to attend EMPOWER 2018 (June 4-7, Austin, TX) use our passcode: datacollab to get 10% of your registration. This even applies to the already discounted early bird registrations, but you need to act fast - tickets must be purchased by January 14th.  We look forward to seeing all our customers and look forward to chatting about how we can help you improve your Quick Base application.

Attention Quick Base Customers:

There were changes made to Quick Base between the dates of October 24th - 27th which may affect your add-on tools.  Please contact us directly if you experience this issue, we have a solution that will quickly restore functionality.

Learn the Basics from an Expert

Dubbed the "Obi Wan" of Quick Base at the first EMPOWER conference in Chicago, Eric Segal will be in NYC on October 3rd & 4th to teach the Fundamentals of Quick Base.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn the basics from a master.   5 seats left. Register now.

Workplace Diversity

Most people get into high tech via hard work, thoughtful mentors and good schools.  But while techies exist in every school, not every school has the ability to train them for quality high-tech jobs.  We are really proud of the partnership we have with Resilient Coders, an organization founded by David Delmar to teach coding skills to urban youth.  This awesome non-profit works to train youth in underserved communities how to code through a series of programs that range from boot camps on web development fundamentals through to their Resilient Lab, where coders have the opportunity to work on actual customer projects.

Join Us at EMPOWER2017 - We're Boston Strong!


We are thrilled that Quick Base has chosen our city to host EMPOWER2017​ – the ​third annual Quick Base user conference​​ –  at the Marriott Copley Place in ​Boston, MA from May ​22nd through the​ 25th​.

​This year, you will find us at Kiosk G1 within the conference hall. We will have a team of talented developers ready to help,​ whether you have questions about your current application, or want to talk about how to design a new Quick Base application to fit your specific requirements. We hope you will take the time to​ attend keynotes, join panel discussions and ​participate in ​breakout sessions. You’ll leave with valuable insights, tools and best practices for making the most of Quick Base!

Exciting News for Quick Base

By now I am sure most of you have heard that Intuit is selling Quick Base to one of the oldest and most respected growth equity firms, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS). What you may not have heard is how fantastic this will be for Quick Base.

With our headquarters just down the street from Quick Base, we have a clear view into Quick Base operations. And what we see is all good news! WCAS has made certain to keep the existing Quick Base leadership team in place, everyone is happy and they are hiring like crazy to accelerate development efforts, all while making significant leaps in the power and reach of the product. 

Importing Multi-Table Data From A Spreadsheet Into QuickBase

Quick Base makes it easy to import data from a spreadsheet. To import new data into a table, just select the table from the table bar, then choose More and Import/Export. That takes you to a Quick Base page where you can import from a spreadsheet file or paste data from the clipboard. Quick Base parses your data into columns and you can assign each field to an existing column in your table, create a new column in your table, or ignore that particular column. This process works great when your spreadsheet data maps directly to a single Quick Base table.

Sometimes our spreadsheets contain details that really should be mapped to two or more Quick Base tables, which are connected to one another via table-to-table relationships. For example, consider this spreadsheet of contacts you would like to import into Quick Base:

Join us Empower 2016

Join us at EMPOWER2016 – the second annual Quick Base user conference – being held at the GaylordOpryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN from May 10th to the 13th. Visit our kiosk, attend keynotes, join panel discussions and breakout sessions, check in with us at the tech bar. You’ll leave with valuable insights, tools and best practices for making the most of Quick Base!

Watch for updates here on Speaker Sessions and special events and don’t forget to use our code: QBGPK8XM to get $100.00 off your conference registration.

The Multi-select Text field

Have you been enjoying the relatively new List-User field, where you can select multiple users in one drop-down, and wished that there was a similar option for Text drop-downs?  Now there is!

With last Sunday's (12/13/15) release of Quick Base came a new field type - the Multi-select Text field.   Create a new field, select Multi-select Text as your field type, enter your options (as many as 50), and save.  Users can now select multiple options at once (up to 20!)...that's good news for all!

Settling for Less in the Cloud?

I've noticed that a lot of organizations, as they move their data to the cloud, don't quite finish the process. To use a football analogy, they drive down to the ten yard line, and then settle for a field goal.

They move CRM, Email, and maybe even Accounting to the cloud. But then they stop before moving the core data thats unique to who they are. Maybe its data from geological sites in the field, or from pharmaceutical trials, or managing construction projects.

That data is tough to move, because it's different for every organization. But it's a lot easier now than it used to be. I hope you'll take a look at my recent white paper to see how it's done.