Reporting gets Easier

You've seen that box a hundred times -- you know, that search box on the top of the page? But did you know you can use it for more than just a simple text search? Certainly, if you type "Complete" in the box, the search will return all records with that word in them. But you can also get a little fancier. If you search for "Complete AND Southern" (without the quotes) you will see all records that include both words. Or if you type "Complete OR Started" you will get all records that include either term. It's all part of allowing you to do almost all your reporting without ever having to actually design a report. Once you have some report data on your screen, you can add and hide columns (using the little down arrow in the column header), sort by just clicking on the column header, and filter by using dynamic filters on the right, or the Search box. The more you can do yourself, the more Quick Base is delivering on its promise to be the database for the rest of us. Though I use Quick Base all the time, I never knew this til I saw my friend Phil Stern doing this yesterday...

You should Learn about Quick Base Sync

Among the hundreds of little changes that the Quick Base team makes every year, Quick Base Sync stands out as something that will change the way we all work. But it is not the flashy part that will make the biggest difference. Yes, it is great to be able to pull data directly from SalesForce, ZenDesk and QuickBooks Online. But those are one-way transfers, and with the thousands of SaaS products out there, you may not be using any of those products.

What is a Portal?

A portal is a website with data that is customized for the individual user. A Customer portal allows you to interact with customers that do not have a license to access your Quick Base data by providing secure, permissions based information you want them to see. Portals provide the opportunity to share files, plan, organize as well as manage activities, tasks and events in a private online environment.

Keyboard Shortcut to Save in Quick Base

Did you know you can use Ctrl + S to save a Quick Base record in record edit mode? Instead of the green save button, try the familiar keyboard shortcut which works for Quick Base in most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Dev Tools for Quick Base

Edit your pages in Quick Base using Ace IDE. Dev Tools for Quick Base provides developers with a set of tools to enhance how code is displayed. Using an ACE editor field to edit back-end code, DevTools for Quick Base delivers an easy-to-use, integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies and enhances how the code is displayed.
Syntax highlighting for more than 110 languages
Over 20 themes
Automatic indent and outdent
Handles huge documents (four million lines seems to be the limit!)
Search and replace with regular expressions
Highlight matching parentheses
Toggle between soft tabs and real tabs
Drag and drop text using the mouse
Line wrapping
Code folding
Multiple cursors and selections
Live syntax checker (currently JavaScript/CoffeeScript/CSS/XQuery)
Cut, copy, and paste functionality

Signature Capture for Quick Base

Add this simple feature to your Quick Base forms and save the signature as an image file attached to your records. It's perfect for situations where you need to validate that work was completed by an employee, approved by a customer, received by a vendor, etc. Want to bring this feature to your applications? Email one of our Quick Base experts and get started today. $299 per form.

Test Your Quick Base Knowledge

School's out for the summer for the kids, so it seems like the perfect time to give the adults toiling away on Quick Base applications a little pop quiz. You may know some, or all, of the below, but it's all meant in good fun with the hope of sharing a new trick or two. Answers appear in the next section.
1. Which of the following can you NOT do in Quick Base?
A. Turn a lookup field into a non-relationship field.
B. Turn a non-relationship field into a lookup field.
C. Turn a non-relationship field into a summary field.
D. Turn a summary field into a non-relationship field.
2. How do you display the most recent version of a file attachment image?
A. Formula text field: img src= /
B. Formula text field: img src= /

New API's for Quick Base

The Quick Base product release scheduled for Sunday, June 15, 9:30-10:30AM ET will include an online Quick Base HTTP API Guide offering new APIs for Quick Base customers who want to perform operations on groups of users. Full list of operations is available in the Quick Base release notes as well as bug fixes and other enhancements. One such enhancement is how account admins will be able to manage all groups in their accounts whereas previously the group owner had to explicitly allow access.
Intuit does not expect any disruption to the Quick Base service during the scheduled release time, but real-time status can always be checked via the Quick Base service page.

Enhanced Capabilities with High Charts

Quick Base is using High Charts as its internal charting engine. Its expanded capabilities allow you to create more robust reports, but still with the same look and feel of the reports your Quick Base users are familiar with. Check it out for yourself or any one of our Data Collaborative developers would be happy to show you how it can help your business today.

Google Charts

    1. Google charts are fast, free, and easy to connect to Quick Base -- with a little help!

      Quick Base upgraded its charts last year, and added some nice features like being able to change the size of a chart, and save it as a jpg. But we still get a lot of charting requests that Quick Base can't fill. In these cases, our "go to" option is Google charts.

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